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Kuruvi Pradeep

I am Pradeep Kumar .T, a 21 yr old software Engineer working in Bangalore.
Favourite Books
I love reading books. My favourites include HarryPotter, HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Three Men In a Boat,
I love science Fiction + Comedy!
I love playing games on computer..
Favourite Games are
Age Of Empires

Favourite Actress
Emma Watson
I love children and enjoy playing with kids!
I love dreaming a lot, have plans to write stories...!

Well that's me, how about u?

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Sunday, October 03, 2004 is up!
I have just moved my site to a new one!. I will be blogging there from now on. The old blogs will remain in this site Have a lovely day!

03:06 pm

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Monday, June 28, 2004
stories stories all the time!!
There are stories which we love to hear again and again, stories that we love to cling to, stories in which we are completely immersed, that we have been lulled from childhood,
I am one of a great story lover, and yesterday something made me recollect memories.... something even more lovable and interesting, a story that is made to come to life by a master story teller, the story teller himself is a very interesting person. the way he starts it, at the right time the right story, the way he adds details , the way he pauses to add dramatic effects, the way he makes you forget the world around you and makes you move around in a new world.
I am proud to be with a master story teller ..none other than my brother Prem, those were times when I used to relish, eat, drink and dream all about his stories.... sometimes mystical,sometimes adventurous,funny ..Ah those were days! ;-)

01:46 pm

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Get KuruviKoodu on your mobiles
Hi all,

I have just hosted as wap site(wap address so you can get KuruviKoodu on your mobiles. Those having Wap enabled phones just go to the above address, those who don't have, no probs, just click on the icon on top of the site to preview the wap site in a browser based wap simulator.

This idea of doing a wap site was inspired by Aldrin getting a brand new Nokia Mobile 6230 which has a lot of real cool stuff and wap of course..not bad , so while playing with that I thought why not  a wap site and ended with this.

Enjoy and give me your comments!! :-)

08:43 pm

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Monday, May 24, 2004
Aatha naa MCP pass panitaen!
It was a mind boggling today, absolutely scintillating, I just cleared my Microsoft Certification Exam in "Developing Web applications with C#.NET", it was a nice exp. though I felt the exams a bit easy  compared to what I had imagined,
Anyway It was satisfying to accomplish something like this.
Studying for these exams are a good way to keep on track with the technology and it is also directly relevant to our job...really very useful, infact I can attribute my success in Misys to the preparation I had done for these exams..

For tips on taking this MCP exam 70-315, check out my dotnet section, am planning to update some tips and tutorials there.

06:28 pm

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
High Waves!
It was a interesting day today, I had gone for a Interview in a company know as Misys. We had dotnet written tests,cleared it  and then there was a Technical Interview, and finally a HR interview which lasted nearly 2hrs, on the overall it took nearly a complete day to finish the tests and interviews,
and I got selected, got the offer letter the same day, I was very happy as this was a UK based financial software products development firm.
The company is in ITPL so travel is going to become a significant part of life.
But the tough thing would be to part with Pani Kumar Sir, my mentor, well wisher, brother and guide. He is the one who had a brought some responsible self of mine.
Anyway I would be with him for some more days giving my best for ColourPixels, before I leave.

06:23 pm

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Saturday, May 15, 2004
no waves.............that rocks the boat
Hi all, things are going a bit on the sea with no waves. I met F1 govindh, my old friend from Diginue at Infy, had a real nice time with him, have my MCP exams very soon. Have to prepare a lot still.Have to get the trainn tickets for going to Karthika's Marriage, very much excited to meet all of the Gang there, and also to wish Karthika :-)

06:25 pm

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Saturday, May 01, 2004
New Terrain
There is news, I have got a Job in Infy Bangalore as a contract employee in ASP. NET, Joined 2 days back, was a bit busy for past 2 weeks , that's why no blogs , will update more from now on.

09:10 am

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Water World!
                      It is a well known fact in our PG hostel room resembles the swamps of Amazon, meaning that whatever you keep sinks in a huge hole of dresses, tumblers,plates, shaving cream, mobile phones, Aldrin's bread packets,kurkure packets, endless papers and the swamp has been getting deeper every day. Everday we fish our day -to-day items out of it before going to work. We have got used to it! (except sundar! he tries to clean the SWAMP mumbling that one day we should clean the room.)

And then it happened. I was at office when this happened. it was a short sms from Ashok(my neighbour and friend at PG), it said "there is something coming out of your room"(oh oh it looks like the "Signs") ".. it looks like water, it is coming out of your room. The entire balcony is flooded. COME SOON". And then I realised someone has not closed the water taps in our room and our room was flooded.

It was an emergency, all our priceless possesions are neatly arranged on the floor. Had to make fast decisions. Dialed Aldrin whose office is closer to PG. "Hey Aldrin, our Room is flooded, CHECK IT OUT", Aldrin who was probably having a bad time with his boss, realised the situation only a full minute later. In seconds I too had started from office. But it takes atleast a hour from my place.
And then came a call from Aldrin(Disaster Management center) who had reached already, according to statistics our room was flooded with 5 cms of water with all our luggage and Baggage floating around, even Sundar's GRE book and the fat dictionary was adrift flapping theri covers to stay afloat. As Aldrin opened the door waves raised and fell and the room started draining.

By the time I was back all the water had drained out and our cots were put up in the terrace for drying(probably for the next few days). With the help of the servant maid, the room was completely cleaned up. Our room looked neat and shiny(completely alien). As I examined the dresses and books that were put up for drying I was told that the power had gone when someone had left open the sink taps. When the power had come back the room had started flooding slowly and steadily.
Sundar's reaction was double pronged, the room was clean and also washed out. He just stood there blinking. The night the room was damp and cold but it was fresh and dustless and we had a nice dreamy sleep.

06:11 pm

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Friday, March 19, 2004
Check out KuruviDotNet
Hi I opened up a new blog to document my experiences with DotNet a superb development platform from microsoft where which I personally feel radically changes the way things were done with earlier Microsoft development platforms.

This development approach allows the creation of cleaner, faster and better code and it is not the easiness of development that has alone changed, it has also solid design principles as foundation.

After being a ASP web application developer for quite for some time, I find ASP.NET to be a bliss. I use ASP.NET with VB.NET for my projects and it is quite interesting and powerful. --> check out KuruviDotNet for further details.

08:41 pm

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Oh God! What is happening
Today a weird thing happened. It was quite surprising. The project that I was working on in the 2 months was in the final stages of delivery and things were moving in a hectic pace to ensure that everything was in order to make the client delivery. All code was rechecked again and again with the testers going full time to break the code to find bugs. I had developed 3 of the 4 modules in the project and I had to ensure and all was fine in the integration and the deployment also went smoothly. Also I was running some stress tests on the web applications to ensure the app. was responding smoothly. The simulated tests were increased from 10 users to 15, 50 and 200 users simultaneously hitting the application. It must have been a hell time for the web server, but It chugged thru the tests. Clear!

But it doesn't end there. But the parameters were now changed and eventually a simulated 400 users were hitting the application.

And then came a surprise from Japan(where we have our head office) that there is a change request in requirements for one of the modules. And Then it was told it was in one of my modules. Omigosh! At this stage of delivery a change in the requirement and it had to be done in the same time frame, My mY! Really I got tensed off. Ok then I Was analysing the new requirements in a rather hot mood against the unfairness of the situation! The Japanese are never satisfied. They never give compliments., only more work and endless changes late in the project cycle.

Then I left a bit dejected after doing some aesthetics work for the existing modules from the multims. team and headed home, thinking of the new reqt. and how to go about and all .. throughout the night.

The next day I came to office with a bit grim mood. One of my teammates was still there and grinned at me. Said that I looked handsome (:-)). I returned the compliments and then he pointed at the notice on the notice bard. It was a short reply from our CEO who is in Japan. And guess what! he praised our Project -the latest version that was sent from here and ordered the Indian GM to party today with Biriyani from Imperial and as I finished reading the notice I broke into a smile and all my team mates who were keenly watching my face for reaction broke into smiles and congrats. Phew! everyone shook hands and things became pleasant. The Japan office had never complimented our work before. This was the first time. A nice day it was ......

And about the new reqt. I had reloaded enough to handle the demands of the Japanese ................ :-)

04:46 pm

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