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Kuruvi Pradeep

I am Pradeep Kumar .T, a 21 yr old software Engineer working in Bangalore.
Favourite Books
I love reading books. My favourites include HarryPotter, HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Three Men In a Boat,
I love science Fiction + Comedy!
I love playing games on computer..
Favourite Games are
Age Of Empires

Favourite Actress
Emma Watson
I love children and enjoy playing with kids!
I love dreaming a lot, have plans to write stories...!

Well that's me, how about u?

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
On Search
Just thinking abt. search in life sparked by a mail from Baby, checking it out
  • You can search for only things you have lost!(as everything u want has already been given to you by God!
  • You can not search anything outside you, only within you!
  • No needs can be satisified by any kind of search!(Search's purpose is not to satisfy needs)
  • Search's purpose is to realize oneself only
  • If you love someone as yourself then your search is over

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