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Kuruvi Pradeep

I am Pradeep Kumar .T, a 21 yr old software Engineer working in Bangalore.
Favourite Books
I love reading books. My favourites include HarryPotter, HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Three Men In a Boat,
I love science Fiction + Comedy!
I love playing games on computer..
Favourite Games are
Age Of Empires

Favourite Actress
Emma Watson
I love children and enjoy playing with kids!
I love dreaming a lot, have plans to write stories...!

Well that's me, how about u?

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Friday, March 19, 2004
Check out KuruviDotNet
Hi I opened up a new blog to document my experiences with DotNet a superb development platform from microsoft where which I personally feel radically changes the way things were done with earlier Microsoft development platforms.

This development approach allows the creation of cleaner, faster and better code and it is not the easiness of development that has alone changed, it has also solid design principles as foundation.

After being a ASP web application developer for quite for some time, I find ASP.NET to be a bliss. I use ASP.NET with VB.NET for my projects and it is quite interesting and powerful. --> check out KuruviDotNet for further details.

08:41 pm

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