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Kuruvi Pradeep

I am Pradeep Kumar .T, a 21 yr old software Engineer working in Bangalore.
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I love reading books. My favourites include HarryPotter, HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Three Men In a Boat,
I love science Fiction + Comedy!
I love playing games on computer..
Favourite Games are
Age Of Empires

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Emma Watson
I love children and enjoy playing with kids!
I love dreaming a lot, have plans to write stories...!

Well that's me, how about u?

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Get KuruviKoodu on your mobiles
Hi all,

I have just hosted as wap site(wap address so you can get KuruviKoodu on your mobiles. Those having Wap enabled phones just go to the above address, those who don't have, no probs, just click on the icon on top of the site to preview the wap site in a browser based wap simulator.

This idea of doing a wap site was inspired by Aldrin getting a brand new Nokia Mobile 6230 which has a lot of real cool stuff and wap of course..not bad , so while playing with that I thought why not  a wap site and ended with this.

Enjoy and give me your comments!! :-)

08:43 pm

June 21, 2004   12:54 PM PDT
same naye
enada nanum atha ulta solluvaen, maruvathaiya call pannu illa mail pannu

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