Entry: Freedom in MidNight! Thursday, December 25, 2003

Just had a experience of a lifetime! The Paying guest Hotel where I was staying was under trouble with owner trying to escape without giving back our advance! Myself , Aldrin, Sundar Anna and Venky were in severe argument over it! Things were very uncertain 2 days ago when there was talk that the owner family might move out of the place in night without giving our money! But the thing that really made us all angry were the way they illtreated 2 servant maids Kamalamma and Manju.

As all plans made by the owner was guarded heavily no one new  what was going to happen! and what would happen if they suddenly leave the place( a lot of FUD(fear uncertainity and doubt). The ICE started breaking when Aldrin broke the silence and threatened the owner that she tell the truth. Slowly things started rolling day before yesterday, when we refused to switch of the lights at 12 Night as we were packing our things and had a small celebration for Sundar Anna's birthday at Midnight.

The Owner's son rumbled a lot and tried to threw a tumbler at Aldrin, which in turn was stopped by Manju injuring her in the forehead , situation started to become hot as everyone of us got tensed! and all of us were giving hostile glances at the owner and her family! A friend of the owner's family intervened and said that he will settle our dues on the condition we should leave immediately! We gave the nod and started packing our things.

Then they checked our packed luggages like we were some terrorists and gave our money back! we had no choice but to leave the PG, after exchanging some words with the maids who were very close to our hearts, we departed with a ton of luggage exactly at 1:00 PM at night with no idea where to go.

Though that situation would have made some people worry , we were on the contrary very happy on getting our freedom from that place. We were even dancing in the middle of the road cheering each other. Then time came to take the next step that of finding a place to stay that night!Suggestions came forward of staying in the Madhavan Park nearby!

Then Karl Abraham another of our PG friends with a heart of gold came forward offering to put us up in his office close to the PG for the night.

So we got a call taxi and moved our luggage in 2 shifts there. Dumped our luggage in the office basement and slept on newspapers spread on the office floors. and we chatted all through the night on the recent events though we were heavily exhausted over the nights' events.

Early morning next day we started our search for a new place by going thru various ad's. Finally came up with some places and found a place close to our original place which suit our reqm. It is a PG situated close to a lot of Nurseries and looks like we are in Kodaikannal. we were very much releived and moved our things immediately there. That night myself and venky(Aldrin was in Office and Sundar had left for Chennai for Christmas) had a very hearty dinner and enjoyed being in the new PG which had a lot of tamils(Nowadays we wonder whether Bangalore is in Karnataka or TamilNadu)

More of our friends in the OLD pg are planning to stay with us.

THings are moving on now, and with the initiative taken by Sundar and Venky we are trying to find a new jobs for the maids who had really touched our hearts!


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