Entry: High Waves! Tuesday, May 18, 2004

It was a interesting day today, I had gone for a Interview in a company know as Misys. We had dotnet written tests,cleared it  and then there was a Technical Interview, and finally a HR interview which lasted nearly 2hrs, on the overall it took nearly a complete day to finish the tests and interviews,
and I got selected, got the offer letter the same day, I was very happy as this was a UK based financial software products development firm.
The company is in ITPL so travel is going to become a significant part of life.
But the tough thing would be to part with Pani Kumar Sir, my mentor, well wisher, brother and guide. He is the one who had a brought some responsible self of mine.
Anyway I would be with him for some more days giving my best for ColourPixels, before I leave.


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