Entry: Get KuruviKoodu on your mobiles Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Hi all,

I have just hosted kuruvikoodu.com as wap site(wap address http://tagtag.com/kuruvikoodu). so you can get KuruviKoodu on your mobiles. Those having Wap enabled phones just go to the above address, those who don't have, no probs, just click on the http://tagtag.com/kuruvikoodu icon on top of the site to preview the wap site in a browser based wap simulator.

This idea of doing a wap site was inspired by Aldrin getting a brand new Nokia Mobile 6230 which has a lot of real cool stuff and wap of course..not bad , so while playing with that I thought why not  a wap site and ended with this.

Enjoy and give me your comments!! :-)


June 21, 2004   12:54 PM PDT
same naye
enada nanum atha ulta solluvaen, maruvathaiya call pannu illa mail pannu
June 16, 2004   08:05 PM PDT
dai naye,
enna ennamo pannre, ana enna maranthutte,
I know u have forgotten me. Any how congrats for ur future...
Keep it Uppppppp..

Ok Nee maratha Nanban,

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