Entry: stories stories all the time!! Monday, June 28, 2004

There are stories which we love to hear again and again, stories that we love to cling to, stories in which we are completely immersed, that we have been lulled from childhood,
I am one of a great story lover, and yesterday something made me recollect memories.... something even more lovable and interesting, a story that is made to come to life by a master story teller, the story teller himself is a very interesting person. the way he starts it, at the right time the right story, the way he adds details , the way he pauses to add dramatic effects, the way he makes you forget the world around you and makes you move around in a new world.
I am proud to be with a master story teller ..none other than my brother Prem, those were times when I used to relish, eat, drink and dream all about his stories.... sometimes mystical,sometimes adventurous,funny ..Ah those were days! ;-)


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