ekta » anyone knows abt infy interview plz help
ekta » anyone knows abt infy interview plz help
ekta » hello
ekta » hello
Pradeep » Yep! I am from Madurai! Madurai Veeran! Who and where are u from?
kumar! hello predeep » ???
kumar! hello predeep » are your native is madurai
kumar! hello predeep » Kumar: hello predeep
kumar! hello predeep » hello hello predeep
Jey » What happened to your mobile??? I am getting a message "temporarily disconnecteed"
Pradeep » Hi Baby, thats because I am a bit busy working on a new site, and this site would soon move there, keep watching....
Vijayanand » Hi tpkji how do u do? Why no new(s) in your site for a long time? Keep updating, its fanatical for us to go.....
Prabhakaran.G » Hi anna ur website is nice.. My contact no is 98458 92900
Ohm » kuruvi moolanu solluvangale athu ithana...(tooo sharp..)
Pradeep » there is no einstein here ohms, only a lonely kuruvi, reply to the mail that i sent to your yahoo id
ohmprakash » hi, Einstein this msg is to inform u that einstein too forgets some important things... (that's this foool folk Ohm..)
Pradeep » Hi Citrus, checked out ur site man. cool ...just like u.
citrus » any how tata c u -- citrus/24/chennai
citrus » i had even added u r site in my favorite bloggers list..
citrus » keep going..if u find timeplz..do visit my site..and plz..thoow u r comments in my comment box.
citrus » hi pradeep iam citrus..iam a new blogger i saw ur site and i even copied a java script from urs..that snow fall one..ur site is great man
Pradeep » Thanx Guys!
VAM » Congrats tpkji......
Deepa » Hi pradeep my heartfelt congratulations!!!!!!
Deepa » so we shall communicate here itself
Deepa » Hi pradeep i dont have mail access in my company
Pradeep » mail me at t_pradeepkumar@yahoo.com
Pradeep » Hi deepa what's yar mail ID
Deepa » why r u not responding to my pleasing questions?
Deepa » Hi pradeep do u remember me? I was missing you for the past 2 years. Do u think of me???
Pradeep » Hi deepa, I am fine, H R U
Deepa » The site is handsome and cool just like you
Deepa » Hi pradeep how r u?
Pradeep »
Pani » good work
Pradeep » Good Evening
Pani » good work
Tpk » hi pani sir
7one » hi thanks for visiting my blog!
alagu » hai
Pradeep » Yo Yo Giri, soon we shall have a team blog, at http://virtuaonline.blogdrive.com, gotta be loads of fun
Pradeep » Thanx Shoba, How r u! Been a long time chatted or seen you! Howz life?
Shoba » hi Pradeep....Nice BeautiFul page....Good Creativity......Congrats
Girishan » tpk start a group blog , wud make for real interesting posts
Girishan » tpk start a group blog , wud make for real interesting posts
Pradeep » Hi Baby just for fun
VAnand » Kalakkurae TPK puthu site puthu company puthu ...... hmmmm pramaatham
Jey » thanks arun. send me your comments about my website
Pradeep » Great Jey! on getting ur own portal! make the most of it
Pradeep » Yes I am Arun! I hail from madurai. I visited your home page also. It's nice.
Jey » You can also contact me if you need more info at injey@yahoo.com
Jey » Hai brother. Visit my website at jey.abtinfo.net. I got it for Rs.50 pm in a offer specially for students. No ads, Full FTP access and web access, one email id and many more. Check it at abtinfo.net
Arun Krishna Kumar » Hi Pradeep I really enjoyed your web page. R u a tamilian ..
Jey » where are you? No new blogs for a long time!!!!!!!!
padmanaban » Nice to see you
padmanaban » Nice to see you
Pradeep » Wish you the same Chepdu
Jey » Happy New Year pradeep anna and all visitors of this Blogpage
Pradeep » Goody
Pradeep » Goody
Jey » Thought of accepting the offer from Integra micro systems.
Pradeep » Great Chedpu! Congaaaaaaaats!!
Jey » i have got an offer from Integra Micro systems. Wondering wht to do. The two year bond is making me in a confused state. Please help.
check » hi
Pradeep » Haaaaai Shanthi, thx for the comments , how r u , how r things going on! Mail me!
Shanthi » hey pradeep,just now visited ur site.so nice.once again u have proved whom u are.congrats
Fazlina » Really a gr8 page and a wonderful work. hats off to u pradeep
Jey » hai brother You can also visit my blog drive at http://aurora.blogdr ive.com
Pradeep » Hi Jey, I will be in Hostel after 8PM, u can call me then!
Jey » Hai brother. Tell me when you will be in hostel. I want to talk with you. I will call you when you are in hostel
ANM » It is just like you
Selvi » Nice Site :0)
Jey » Hai brother. This is a great idea. Keep up this good work
Pradeep » If ya want to know when this page is updated u can enter ur email ID in the top of this page
Pradeep » Hai Meena, how r u
meena » hi u have done some thing wonderful. its a gr8 page
Pradeep » Hi MathanJi, what r upto?? Howz Life!
Pradeep » How r u?
Pradeep » Thanks Sri
Sri » a beautiful page!
Sri » a beautiful page!
Mathan » hi
Mathan » hi
Pradeep »
Pradeep » hai bharat
Pradeep » I am transferring my blogs from blogger.com
Prakash » Well..!
Pradeep » Hi Prakash, very soon
Prakash » kuruvi yeppo koodu katta pohudhu....?!